A Thirteenth Month Against Time (Show)

With its roots in Zoroastrianism, the A 13th Month Against Time is inspired by an old form of the Jalali calendar, an updated version of which is still in use in Iran and Afghanistan today. Considered to be more precise than the Gregorian calendar, this new Jalali calendar does not need a leap year to maintain accuracy. To accommodate the changes in time, the old calendar instead added a 13th month, every six years or so. The exhibit is a redemption of the complexity inherent to the area of remit of Slavs and Tatars – between the former Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China – inflected as much across time as space.


The League of Impatience 
Offset print, 61 x 84 cm (each), 2008.
A triptych on the theme of political equivocation, set against a vista looking onto Turkmenistan from Iran. 

Histoire du Monde Slave et Tatar
Original map offset print with marker. 117 x 84 cm. Edition of 3, 2008.
Histoire du Monde Slave et Tatar proposes a revision of Louis-Henri Fournet’s Tableau Synoptique de l’Histoire du Monde, literally a visual diagram of the past fifty centuries of world history. Blocking out the histories of certain territories to highlight those relating to S&T, this limited edition map, one of three, reclaims a historical sphere of influence often off the Western radar.

Last of the Eurasianists
Screenprint, 70 x 100 cm. Edition of 50, 2008.
As with many thorny ideas, Gumilev’s Euasianism has been hijacked: the Eurasia party today advances a worrisome breed of Russian nationalism. Today, we misquote Bono: ‘Charles Manson Alexander Dugin stole this song from The Beatles Lev Gumilev, we’re stealing it back.’
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A Thirteenth Month Against Time (Book)
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