Resist Resisting God

A tribute to the Caucasian myth of Prometheus, known as Abriskil to the Abkhaz and Amiran to the Ossetians.

A revolutionary craft – that of the mirror-mosaic – addresses the mysticism extolled by the revolutionary ideology of Tehran in 1979. The mirror mosaics found in Shi’ite shrines and across the former royal residencies of Iran are further examples of the various religious (e.g. Shi’a vs. Sunni) and cultural means employed historically by Iranians to distinguish themselves from Arabs. The Arab conquests of the 7th century not only brought Islam but also the highly geometric patterns of Islamic decorative art to the region. The Persians, however, insisted on executing them in a more outlandish, precious manner, employing mirrors instead of wood or ceramics.

Mirror mosaic, 150 x 100 cm, 4 unique versions (+1AP). Each piece features different pattern.