Advice to Intellectuals

For the multi-venue and platform exhibition program correct me if i’m critical curated by Adnan Yildiz, Slavs and Tatars presented two talks and a new mirror piece. At the Nordic Embassies in Berlin in June, 79.89.09 addressed the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and Poland’s Solidarność movement and how they have shaped our current geopolitical climate. In September, at the FelleshusSlavs and Tatars exhibited Advice to Intellectuals, a new mirror piece, and presented Kidnapping Mountains, a playful and informative talk on the muscular stories, wills, and critical defeat inhabiting the Caucasus. Addressing the complexity of languages and identities on the fault line of Eurasia, Kidnapping Mountains is a performative investigation of realpolitik, the impolitique, cultural affinities, and imagined pasts and futures found in Geography’s case study of both head-aches and brain-aches.

Mirror, print, 200 x 160 cm. Photographed by Anna Pabiś (top) and B. Kahrmann (bottom)