When in Rome

 “Gypsies are to people what slang is to language.”
– Agamben 

A deliberate slippage of terminology allows for a moment that is equally commemorative and confused. Coins are offered, not for beggars, but believers as is often found strewn across icons of Orthodox Christianity. If modernity is the totalizing project of the 20th century, one that doesn’t allow for failure, one where expediency trumps reflection, perhaps the gypsy offers the possibility of escape, from the tyranny of the past and present. 

Between the Silhouette and the Background, at 1/9 unosunove, Rome, Italy. 8.10. – 13.11.2010.

Artists: Julieta Aranda, Pedro Barateiro, Eric Bell / Kristoffer Frick, Riccardo Benassi, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Manuel Raeder, Marcellvs L., Slavs and Tatars, Adam Thompson
Curator: Federica Bueti

Engraving in travertine, paint, coloured glass, euro coins, 128 x 96 cm