Afteur Pasteur

Bacteria and microbes, we are told, are our enemies, so many foreign agents against whom we erect a liquid wall of hand sanitizer. For their first exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Slavs and Tatars present Afteur Pasteur: a sour milk bar as sanatorium, to reconsider our relationship with the original foreigner or Other: the microbe. Found across the artists’ Eurasian remit–whether it’s kefir in eastern Europe, ayran in Turkey or kumis across Central Asia–fermented milk offers a different, affective understanding of modernity than the one suggested by the Enlightenment and ushered in full force by Louis Pasteur. Afteur Pasteur visits fermentation and milk , in particular, to better understand issues our anthropocene moment: from militarization to the migrant crisis.

Afteur Pasteur

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