Kitab Kebab

A kebab skewer pierces through a selection of Slavs and Tatars’ books, suggesting not only an analytical and rational but also an affective and digestive approach to text and the very act of reading. Appropriately, this particular skewer is often reserved for the köfte or ground-beef kebab, worthy of the artists’ mashed-up reading list. As opposed to other forms of knowledge–whether the vertical scope traditionally associated with Germanic rigor or Russian depth, or horizontal range of Anglo-American education–Kitab Kebab attempts a lateral or transversal balancing act.

Kitab Kebab, 2012–ongoing

Kitab Kebab (Turning towards Suhrawardi), 2013, books, metal kebab skewer, 50 x 50 x 50 cm.

Afteur Pasteur

Towarzystwo Szubrawców

Qit Qat Qlub


Mirrors for Princes (Book)

Mirrors for Princes (Show)

Love Letters

Ezan Çılgıŋŋŋŋŋları

The Naughty Nasals (Show)

Naughty Nasals (Book)


Tranny Tease (pour Marcel)


Kitab Kebab

Long Legged Linguistics

Friendship of Nations (Book)


Never Give Up The Fruit

Molla Nasreddin the antimodern

Khhhhhhh (Show)

Khhhhhhh (Book)

Reverse Joy

Régions d’être

Not Moscow, Not Mecca (Show)

Not Moscow, Not Mecca (Book)


Mystical Protest


The Age of the Antimodern

Molla Nasreddin

Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz

Dear 1979, Meet 1989

79.89.09 (Publication)

A Monobrow Manifesto

When in Rome

Love Me, Love Me Not (Installations)

Love Me, Love Me Not (Book)

Idź na Wschód!

Hymns of No Resistance

Resist Resisting God

Kidnapping Mountains (Show)

Kidnapping Mountains (Book)

Rebuilding the Pantheon

A Thirteenth Month Against Time (Book)


Drafting Defeat: 10th century Roadmaps, 21st century Disasters